Friday, February 6, 2009

love life

do you love someone rite now?
+ hm, no comment. :))

is the person f/m?
+ f kot. giler~

does the person knows that u love him/her?
+ jap text die tanye tawh ke tak.

is he/she your officially your bf/gf?
+ rase2 nye ye kot. :D

do u think the person loves u too?
+ hopefully.

would u save the person u love under any circumstances?
+ maybe.

if the person you love will die in 10 hours, what will u do?
+ oi! tade mende len ke nk tanye?!

if the person you love will die in 10 minutes, what will u tell him/her?
+ dah bwat wasiat ke blom? haha :))

if u will die in less than 5 minutes, would u let the person that u love knows?
+ mestilah.

if u were a ghost, what would u do if u saw the person you love kissing someone else?
+ aku bwat tatawh. haha. mcm aku taleyh bwat. ;p

would you kill for the one u love?
+ tade mase aku. makan lg bagos.

would you have sex with the one you love?
+ uuuu~~

what is your current status:
+ entah.

add one question about love:
what wud u do if da person u love is taken?
+ haha. aku tanye aku jawab. bengong!

what tittle would u post this bulletin as?
love life..

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